The Togolese government requested and obtained, yesterday, Tuesday from the members of Parliament, an authorization to extend the state of health emergency, as well as its authorization period.

This, thanks to a vote in plenary session in the hemicycle, in the presence of the Prime Minister.

In her speech to the parliament, the Prime minister Victoire Tomégah Dogbé recalled the context of this new request.

“On March 16 (date of the last extension authorization), a few days after the launch of the vaccination campaign, (…) we were far from imagining that we will come back six months later, to share elements of a an even more alarming finding as to the spread of the pandemic in our country, as is also the case in the sub-region and around the world ”, she underlined.

In this regard, the head of the executive presented the figures for the epidemic outbreak that began in July, then detailed the measures taken by the Government: extension of support capacities even when the centers are saturated, recruitment of staff, consultations. with the various actors of society, acceleration of the vaccination campaign, and strengthening of restrictions, among others.

“By assuming its responsibilities, the government intends to protect the greatest number”, insisted the Prime Minister, before urging again for the vaccination, only way “to reach more quickly the threshold of collective immunity”.

This new extension also allows the West African country “to consolidate its achievements and continue its march towards progress,” said the executive.

According to official figures released Monday evening, the country registered 23,778 cases of Covid-19, including 207 deaths and 18,746 cured patients.

Source: AfrikPage