The WhatsApp application is being updated to better guarantee user privacy. Mark Zuckerberg’s company has announced that soon users will be able to hide their “online” status and block screenshots for “View Once” images. It will also be possible to secretly leave a group conversation.

View Once messages allow users to send media files that are only viewable once. View once images, however, were not all that foolproof as it still allowed people to take screenshots of the media file.

Now, WhatsApp has added a screenshot blocking feature on View Once messages that will allow users to block people from taking screenshots of their images.

It will also be possible to leave a group conversation without notifying all interlocutors. Only the administrators of the chat will then be informed. It remains to be seen exactly when all these changes will see the light of day. WhatsApp often releases new releases gradually, which can take weeks for everyone to see.

Source: AfrikPage