The parents and children of ‘Nebraska Football Club’ spent unforgettable moments this weekend marked by the visit to the training ground by Togolese football international Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor. The star also took part in other private events.

With a lot of emotions, the children were very happy to listen to the advice and encouragement given by this icon of the game of the round ball called ‘soccer’ in the United States of America.

Adebayor did not fail to play together with these children who could not believe it, a humility of this great international player which was greatly appreciated by the American public.

Adebayor welcomed by Standing ovation

According to our information, the former “gunner” has indeed put down his suitcases in Omaha, a city in Nebraska in the midwest of the United States to attend in private an event, the African Leadership Summit.

As usual, stars and great business leaders are regularly invited to share their knowledge and halo the evening. They were five distinguished guests to make their entrance on stage this Saturday, October 21, the apotheosis of the event, during a Gala dinner.

Nigerian Filmmaker Richard Damijo, Emma Lohoues from Côte d’Ivoire very famous on social networks, beauty queen recently honored by the Mayor of Houston in Texas, several distinguished guests and Leaders of the African Diaspora.

It was under the influence of a “standing ovation” that the legendary Emmanuel Adebayor entered the room, a pride for all Togolese and Africans who came to honor this Idol of the round ball. Several Togolese from the Diaspora living in other states made the trip to Omaha this weekend for the occasion.

Doctor Albert Kate, delegate of the HCTE, High Council of Togolese Abroad was of the assistance to also pay tribute to Captain Adebayor after having called on the apolitical Togolese associations operating in the social field to make proposals for humanitarian projects or development of the Togo to Sheyi, who would be grateful for good ideas during his stays.

“Negotiations are underway to initiate an interview between our Togolese Diaspora in the United States of America and our icon Emmanuel Adebayor to see what we can do together. Many compatriots want him to return to the USA very soon, but in a more formal setting,” said Dr Kate.

Wherever he went, SEA remained irresistible to the musical atmosphere as usual, bringing smiles to the faces of our compatriots. it must be said, Adebayor does not disappoint. An American did not fail to point out about Sheyi by saying “he is likeable”. Known as Marco Kpeglo LeRock with Akofa KG by his side, this Togolese from the diaspora, organizer of the Africa Leadership Summit event in Omaha, promises good surprises in the next editions.

Source: AfrikPage