The Ghana Football Association has revealed that preparations are underway for the country’s e-football team, the Black Asteroids, to take part in the second and third matchweeks of the FIFAe Nations Cup Series, respectively on January 26 and March 3, 2023.

“ The Ghana Football Association has purchased the necessary gaming equipment to enable the team to prepare well for the FENC Play-Ins in 2023. The types of equipment consist of two sets of POGA Cases where each one containing a PS5 Console, two controllers, and an inbuilt monitor for easy gaming and mobility, four Logitech Pro Gaming Headsets were also purchased as well and a UPS to sustain the gameplay during power outages ”, the governing body said in a statement this Wednesday.

“ The team is going through rigorous training sessions hoping to build and improve on the match-week one results with the experience and exposure they obtained in Dubai. Players have been training in Accra in readiness for the two remaining matches”, GFA added.

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The competition is a 2v2 event and as such requires great chemistry between two players to be successful.

According to the GFA, the major obstacle the team faced was latency (or ping), which is the closeness to the EA servers and how swift and responsive the game will feel when you issue a command with your controller.

As a reminder, Ghana took part in week one of the tournament in Dubai in December last year for the FENC- Play-Ins, where one of the EA Servers is located in order to experience better game responsiveness.

The Black Asteroids joined the FIFAe or e-football Nations Cup Series 2022 in the online qualifiers stage as a new Member Association, where Ghana beat the group leaders but could not qualify for the next stage.