Under the spotlight since his recent participation in the 2022 World Cup, the Cameroonian artist Vanister renowned for his improvisations is currently making headlines on social media. A strange video showing the young artist, parading naked in the streets, is causing a stir.

Does the young Cameroonian artist and guitarist Vanister suffer from mental disorders? This is the question that has been on the minds of Internet users since the leak of a strange video that has gone viral on the web.

Indeed, the Cameroonian artist voted best supporter of the Indomitable Lions during the World Cup, was seen parading almost naked in a very busy street in Yaoundé, and throwing himself on a taxi that is moving.

While the video continues to generate mixed reactions on the web, the main concerned has finally broken the silence. He announced to his fans that it is indeed a blow of buzz in order to announce his new song entitled “Marabout”.

“The video of me circulating at the moment is an extract from the filming of my “marabout” clip which unfortunately ended up on the web, certainly through a person who witnessed the filming. I sincerely apologize to all those who were shocked and disappointed to see me in such a state, it is a scene from the clip that you will find in this extract. Tomorrow at 6 p.m., I will reveal this magnificent clip to you, ”he wrote on his Facebook page.

As a reminder, Vanister was in Abidjan last week for a short stay. In addition to having scoured several Ivorian television sets for his promotion, he also appeared with great Ivorian artists, in particular the coupé-décalé singer Debordo Leekunfa with whom he even improvised a beautiful song.