After analyzing Morocco’s case following their no-show in CHAN Algeria-2023, the Disciplinary Committee of the African Football Confederation made public on Saturday their decision on the issue.

According to the decision, Morocco had not been able to take part to the competition due to some challenges beyond their control.

“Following deliberations and examination of evidence including a number of correspondences between Algeria, Morocco and CAF, the Disciplinary Committee concluded that Royal Moroccan Federation was unable to travel and participate in the CHAN due to circumstances totally beyond their control, and as such no sanction of whatsoever nature is imposed on the Royal Moroccan Federation. ,” said the governing body of football on the continent.

Thus, the disciplinary jury of CAF rejected the request for damages from the Algerian Football Federation. “In view of the aforementioned finding, the Disciplinary Board dismissed the Algerian Football Federation’s claim for damages”, the statement indicates.