A Tunisian football club playing in the fourth division, Ghardimaou has suspended its activities. And the reason that, about thirty of its players emigrated illegally to Europe.

The information was announced on Tuesday by Jamil Meftahi, president of the club.

“We stopped the activity and suspended matches 20 days ago,” he told AFP. According to reports, around 32 players from his roster have emigrated to Europe illegally in the past three years.

These departures are explained by the “lack of financial resources” from which the club suffers. A situation that does not allow leaders to pay players or provide them with equipment, jerseys and sports shoes.

According to Jamil Meftahi, activities will be suspended “until we find a solution with the Tunisian Football Federation”.

In Tunisia, many athletes have emigrated illegally in recent years, especially since the North African country is separated with Italy only with a distance of a thousand kilometers via the Mediterranean.

AfrikPage with AFP