Being a developed country that needs manpower in several fields with relatively encouraging salaries, Canada has attracted in recent years many young Africans and other citizens from all over the world. The steps to achieving this dream are not magic. But they carry secrets that most people don’t know. This makes them scam victims. Let’s discover the main points on which it is necessary to have a clear vision while looking for jobs in Canada online.

This year, there are once again large numbers of visitors to Canadian consulates and embassies in various countries. Among the applicants, there are always unfortunate people who do not get visas simply because they did not understand the process well. Others spend before they find out their mistakes.

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How to get suitable jobs in Canada

There are several ways to get a job in this country which offers a competitive salary. But the easiest are by relatives who already live there or online, which is also risky. All you need to do is to stay vigilant and avoid making a money transfer or payment to an unofficial person or entity.

So we are going to present to you the only website to our knowledge for the moment in which they list job offers open to foreigners. It’s Job Bank Canada

Many don’t know how to use this site, but it’s through it that other qualified people got their jobs and eventually travelled to Canada without knowing anyone in the country.

If you visit the site, you will of course find plenty of job opportunities, but not all of them concern foreigners. After clicking on the post, scroll down to see if the eligibility criteria march with your profile.

It is open to foreigners:

This is for those already residing in Canada:

The next step

Here is the most critical part. Like everywhere, there are fake profiles that publish jobs to scam candidates. So you have to check if the profile is authentic.

One of the best ways to do this is to write down the name of the company that is hiring, exit that website, and look for the real contacts of the company. You can sometimes discover vacancies on the company’s website, via buttons such as: career, job, job vacancy, work with us, join our team, etc.

From here, you are sure to get in touch with your potential employers who, however, do not deserve your full trust. Don’t send money to anyone! Don’t pay to get interview appointments!

If you are qualified and the employers really need you, they will provide you with all the necessary documents for the visa procedures.

Only on the official website of the Canadian government you may have to pay your visa application fee, according to your type of application. Note that Canadian government sites often have domains.
Good luck !