The French military officials contested information spread by the Algerian official radio on Tuesday, thereby denying that Algeria had refused France the authorization to fly over its territory for a military operation in Niger.

According to statements made to Reuters by french officials, there has been no formal request for the overflight of Algerian territory from France, and consequently, Algerian authorities have not expressed a refusal in this regard.

Algerian radio (Radio Algérienne) reported on its website on Monday, August 21, 2023, that Algeria had declined France’s request for overflight.

“Algeria has given a negative response to the French request to fly over the national territory to attack Niger. Algiers’ response is firm and unequivocal,” said the public radio.

Thus, “France, which had threatened to carry out a military operation against Nigerien military personnel if they did not release President Bazoum, will carry out its threats,” the same source adds. The Algerian radio further revealed that the French military intervention would be “imminent” and that “the entire military apparatus is in place.”

Since the military coup on July 26, Algeria has opposed any foreign military intervention in Niger, instead suggests diplomatic solutions to restore constitutional order in the country.

AfrikPage with news agencies