In a new step following the introduction of digitization for criminal records, passports, residence permits, and nationality certificates. Togo now allows the declaration of civil associations through the national portal for digitized administrative services.

Announced on August 24th by Togo ‘s Ministry of Territorial Administration , this advancement marks the start of a three-month pilot phase for the initiative.

Individuals or groups, regardless of their place of residence, can now officially register and obtain legal recognition for civil associations through an online process.

Initially, users will be able to fill out online forms and make payments for dossier processing fees. The second step involves submitting the finalized documents, validated by ministry services, in person.

Currently, this facility is available for four categories of associations: sports associations, cooperative societies (SCOOP), unions, and foreign associations. The ministry emphasized that the online service will gradually expand to other categories.

Since its launch just over a year ago in the West African country, the new portal has already received over 10,000 requests, according to government figures.