France announced on Thursday, September 14th, the release of Stéphane Jullien, an advisor to French expatriates based in Niger, who had been arrested by Nigerien security forces on September 8th. This release comes amid heightened tensions between Paris and Niamey since the military coup on July 26th in Niger.

The Quai d’Orsay expressed satisfaction with the release of Mr. Stéphane Jullien, noting that it occurred on September 13th, 2023. This announcement was also shared on social media.

Paris, which still regards ousted President Mohamed Bazoum as the legitimate head of state, had demanded the immediate release of Stéphane Jullien on September 12th. This incident takes place in an ongoing atmosphere of tension between France and Niger since the coup.

Nigerien coup leaders have notably called for the departure of the French ambassador in Niamey and questioned defense agreements with France. Emmanuel Macron’s country has 1,500 soldiers in Niger and was previously a key ally in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel before the coup.