Franco-Beninese political activist Kemi Seba was reportedly apprehended on Friday, September 15, 2023, in Cotonou. Multiple sources in the Benin Republic report that he was taken to the Directorate General of the Republican Police. This Saturday, Franco-Spanish lawyer Juan Branco announced that he had been released, although he still faces legal proceedings.

Kemi Seba’s arrest is said to have taken place at Cotonou Airport, according to information shared by lawyer Juan Branco. He was reportedly apprehended in the evening as he was preparing to board his flight.

Other sources indicate that Kemi Seba may have arrived at Cotonou Airport to welcome his political advisor and International Coordinator of Panafrican Emergencies, Hery Djehuty.

The reasons for the arrest of this anti-imperialist activist were finally clarified by the lawyer, who stated this morning that Kemi Seba is being pursued for “incitement to insurrection.”

Juan Branco tweeted, “Kemi Seba has been released. Just as we had informed the authorities of our arrival in Cotonou to assist him, his custody has been lifted. We remain very cautious. He still faces charges, notably for incitement to insurrection, and is under significant threat.”

This information comes in the context of multiple coups d’état in West Africa, with the most recent being in Niger. Benin, a member of ECOWAS, has strongly condemned the military’s takeover of power and supports military intervention to restore democracy in Niger. This stance is in contrast to that of the activist, who supports the juntas in Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali.