This Thursday, September 21, 2023, several protesters were arrested during a demonstration heading to Julbilee House, the presidential residence of the Republic of Ghana in Accra.

Footage broadcast this morning by TV3 and other Ghanaian television stations shows the protesters being ordered to board several police buses. Some demonstrators were also arrested while speaking to journalists.

Aboard the police bus, they continued to express their outrage by singing and protesting.

The anti-government movement called “Democracy Hub” had called for a rally in front of Jubilee House in Accra from September 21 to 23. The aim of this action is to denounce, among other things, bad governance and concerns linked to a possible military intervention by ECOWAS in Niger.

Organizers had anticipated that the event would bring together hundreds of participants, particularly due to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Holiday which falls today.

However, the police did not authorize this demonstration to take place. In a statement yesterday, police said they had filed a complaint with a court and had successfully notified the organizers of their intention to hold a protest near Jubilee House.

“As we wait for the court to determine the matter, we wish to urge the public to take note and disregard any calls from any individuals or groups encouraging them to assemble for a demonstration at the Jubilee House,” the institution warned.