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About AfrikPage

About us

AfrikPage is a news portal based in Ghana. It provides the latest news, entertainment, politics, sports, climate, business, updates from Ghana and Africa, in both English and French language.

AfrikPage Editorial Team

The editorial team of AfrikPage adheres to its own legitimate and professional editorial standards and policies. With its pan-African aspect, AfrikPage publishes contents in French and English language.

AfrikPage is not only updated from our office in the capital of Ghana, Accra, but also by a team of editors across European and other African countries. These journalists provide balanced coverage of Ghanaian and African news by focusing on the creation of original contents.

At AfrikPage, we give a lot of interest to sports news.

Although AfrikPage only announced itself in August 2021, through its registration in Ghana under the entity name AFRIKPAGE LIMITED COMPANY, we are among the most emerging young news platforms in this West African country.

Check out our contact page, if you want to get in touch with our editors.