The Togolese Star Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi received his Cameroonian colleague Samuel Eto’o on Monday in his main residence in Lomé. In his speech, the latter did not hesitate to make a joke about his new shape.

Indeed, on the first image published on social media when the two African icons met, we can see a big difference between the former captain of the indomitable lions of Cameroon and that of the Sparrowhawks of Togo.

“As you can see, I have a few extra pounds. I don’t play like him anymore, ”said the former Barcelona player, referring to his host.

“But I am happy to be with you. We were lucky at one point in our lives to be able to represent all this African youth (…) And you have one of the best players of his generation (…) It is true that he is very humble and he cannot speak for himself, ”added Samuel Eto’o.

Source: AfrikPage