Another neighboring country of Ghana has been victim of a terrorist attack. Togolese government has just confirmed the terrorist attack that took place on the night of Tuesday 10 to Wednesday, May 11, 2022, in the north.

“The government strongly condemns this cowardly and barbaric attack and called the population of localities concerned to increased vigilance and not to panic, It also reassures the entire population of the determination of the defense forces and security to protect our country and to seek and put out of harm these terrorist armed groups, ” an official press release sighted by AfrikPage.

According to the statement, the “violent” attack that took place around three 3 AM in an outpost of the operation device Koundjouaré located in the locality of Kpékpakandi (prefecture Kpendjal), was conducted by a group of heavily armed individuals not yet identified.

It has claimed the lives of eight (08) people on the side of the defense and security forces, while thirteen (13), still in the ranks of soldiers were wounded.

The government further invites the population to work closely with the defense and security forces to preserve peace, security and integrity of our Togolese territory.

In February, the habitants of a town in this Kpendjal Prefecture, had been ordered to leave under threat of reprisals. Many began to leave the area before the intervention of security forces.

Togo’s Defense and Security Forces have been Conducting an operation called “Operation Koundjouaré” for Some years in this northern city.

Source: AfrikPage