During an interview with AfrikPage.com this Wednesday, June 1, 2022, the defensive midfielder of the Teranga Lions of Senegal, Joseph Lopy spoke about the departure of his colleague and compatriot, Sadio Mané from Liverpool.

The African champion believes that his compatriot always makes good choices when it comes to clubs.

“Sadio is a player I have been with since I was young. We were together in the national junior team. He is a player who is having an excellent career, a very fine career in the image of the person he is. I think he always knew how to make the right choices that brought him to the stage where he is today. I’m a Liverpool fan so seeing him in Liverpool, I’m very happy,” Joseph Lopy told Mensah Agbenou.

When he was asked about Bayern Munich or Paris Saint Germain as Sadio’s next destination, Lopy commented:

“The German league is a good. Bayern are a great team that are used to winning and know how to win. Sadio is a player who also likes to win. So I think that if he makes the decision to go to Bayern, it’s because he has weighed the pros and cons and it’s a very good thing for him. I can only encourage him and wish him the best…Afterwards, if he comes to Paris, it’s also a plus for French football to receive a big star like him…”

Joseph Lopy, 30, was present during the African Cup of Nations (AFON2021), won by Aliou Cissé’s men. The defensive midfielder plays in France for Ligue 2 club Sochaux.

Source: AfrikPage