The United Nations System in Togo is contributing to the national reforestation campaign, which is in its 2nd edition this year. The 2022 edition of the national reforestation campaign launched on June 1, on Arbor Day, continues.

The United Nations System in Togo indicated, this Friday , to have planted a hundred trees in Aného, in the South-East of the country.

The UN System in Togo underlines that by this it contributes a botanical garden in the seaside city, allowing to have a green lung, and to increase its tourist potential while fighting against global warming. “The plants planted are medicinal essences”.

The commitments of the Togolese government

Among other initiatives, in May 2021, the Minister of the Environment and Forest Resources, Katari Foli-Bazi took part in Atakpamé in a meeting to discuss the challenges of sustainable forest management in Togo.

The visit of Mr. Foli-Bazi was part of the perspective of increasing the rate of forest cover in Togo, which is 24.24%, to 25% by 2025.

The talks began February 11, 2021, at the bishopric of Atakpamé between the minister and the actors, in the presence of the local authorities, in particular the mayor of the commune Ogou 1, Mrs. Kouigan Ahoefa and the prefect of Ogou, Mr. Akakpo Edoh.

The Minister’s visit is also marked by the handing over of equipment to groups exploiting non-timber forest products.

“A lot of joy and gratitude this morning in Atakpamé! “, said on this subject, the mayor of the commune Ogou 1.

“In the sense of promoting the sustainable development of the territories, and in line with the roadmap of the Togolese government, the municipalities are already committed to working to increase forest cover. This resolved option will be carried by the umbrella organization of the Communes of Togo”, confided Ms. Kouigan, President of the said association.

In December 2020, the various actors in the forestry sector met in Lomé, as part of the development of non-timber forest products in Togo (shea, néré, cashew, honey, moringa, etc.)