Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor released some images earlier this weekend from a visit to Russia declaring the love between his country and the nation at war with Ukraine. A publication by the football star that makes his fans curious.

Emmanuel Adebayor is among the prestigious personalities invited to enhance the brilliance of the 2022 RB International Awards organized this Thursday, June 30 in Moscow, Russia.

The former captain of the Eperviers du Togo has been between two planes in recent weeks. After having participated in a gala match in Guinea, made a trip to Congo, here he is on Russian soil.

Not to try to convince Kremlin strongman Vladimir Putin to end the war in Ukraine, but to participate in a sports industry event.

Indeed, Emmanuel Shéyi Adebayor was a special guest at the 2022 RB International Awards Ceremony.

The event took place this Thursday, June 30, at the Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace, located in the Luzhniki complex in Moscow.

“I am very happy to be invited to this event, it will be interesting to find new friends in Moscow, to talk about football and business,” said the former Arsenal striker from Manchester City.

In sports industry circles, the RB Prize has a significant place. The Italian Alexandre Del Piero, the Portuguese Luis Figo have, in the past, lent their image to this event.

Source: AfrikPage