The African football legend and Qatar 2022 World Cup ambassador Samuel Eto’o has lost his temper after an argument with a man who was apparently recording him as the star left Doha’s 974 Stadium following the Brazil- South Korea on Monday evening.

As Eto’o was leaving the stadium, several fans approached him to take a photo with him. Subsequently, a man appeared with a camera in his hand and there was an interaction between the two.

The president of the Cameroonian football federation FECAFOOT stopped to demand something from the man. While he was resisting, the former FC Barcelona striker started chasing him. Then one of the people accompanying Eto’o snatched the camera from the unidentified man.

During this time, as the video shows, Eto’o gave a violent kick to his victim who will find himself on the ground.

The attack, reprehensible in any case, could have been very dangerous because it occurred at the very moment when the man was leaning in search of his camera.

The assaulted man could not be questioned. When Eto’o was asked what happened, the obviously angry 41-year-old former footballer could not explain himself and was taken from the scene by those around him. There was no police presence at the scene of the incident.

As a reminder, the Cameroonian team was eliminated in the group stage despite a victory, 1-0, over Brazil.

Source: AfrikPage