Koami Christian SIAKOU is an international professional football player from Togo. He was born on December 2, 2000 in the Capital Lomé.

Evolving as a right-back as his main position, Christian also plays in a secondary position, defensive midfielder within the clubs where he was able to monetize his talent.

Former player of the Togolese national team U20 revealed by his club “Sons of God” from 2012 to 2017 (district N ° 10, Lomé gulf) is today the nugget of Togolese football which wants to come back in force.

Koami Christian SIAKOU therefore had his career start in the years 2012 and 2017 with the SONS OF GOD Club of District N°10, Lomé-Golfe. Then from January to March 2018 he was asked for 3 months in the second Niger division with the TOUBAL FC club. After his stay in this West African country, the right side will return again to his club in Togo SONS OF GOD from March to September 2018. A few months later, Koami Christian SIAKOU wad called to join the Académie PLANÈTE FOOT football training center in Togo, October 2018.

Koami Christian SIAKOU in Togo’s U20

In view of all his experiences, the player drew the attention of the management staff of the Togolese U20 selection. To do this, he will be summoned by the said staff of this U20 national team to put his intrinsic talent at the service of his nation counting for the AFCON U20 NIGER 2019 qualifiers.

The player therefore took part in the preparations for the UFOA B U20 tournament by playing four (04) matches, in particular the matches of the Junior National Team (U20) vs GOMIDO (Division 1), the Junior National Team (U20) vs ESPOIR (Division 2), the Junior National Team (U20) vs AGAZA (DIVISION 2) and the confrontation of the Junior National Team (U20) vs DYTO (Division 1). Remember that before these preparations he had to take part in the international friendly match between TOGO and BENIN.

Continuing in the preparations for the AFCON U20 NIGER 2019 qualifiers, he will still play four (04) games to get in shape (the National Junior Team (U20) vs Selection MADE IN TOGO, the National Junior Team (U20) vs AS OTR (Division 1), the National Junior Team (U20) vs ASFOSA (Division 2) and the match between the National Junior Team (U20) vs AS TOGO PORT (Division 1).

Indeed, playing on behalf of these AFCON U20 NIGER 2019 qualifiers, Koami Christian SIAKOU played the two games where he made a strong impression holding the selection in the defensive position. The first leg took place on April 1, 2018 between GABON vs TOGO and the return leg on April 22, 2018 still between the two nations

A total of 12 games played with the Togolese U20 national team in the period of these qualifiers.

Christian SIAKOU’s journey to Turkey

After this course of AFCON U20 NIGER 2019, the player will sign in July 2020 a contract with the club Istiklal Akad in Turkey.

Right side as main position and defensive midfielder as secondary position, is 1.70m for 68 kg with a mass index (BMI) 23.5.

Very present, precise and lucid in the defensive game, he brings the maximum defensively and offensively at each moment of recovery or possession of the ball.

Smart and very fast, he swallows spaces to offer surgical passes and crosses to his teammates. Altruistic player, but knows how to take responsibility at the right time. Excellent set piece player in any surface on the ground, his favorite side is the left.

Siakou has been without a club since the end of the 2020-2021 sports season in TURKEY.
Contact Manager: +905360213194 / +32 486 57 47 26