A special evening for Messi and Cristiano! Ronaldo probably played his last match yesterday against Lionel Messi, his greatest rival. The two stars did not fail to send each other a message during the game.

Among them, Cristiano Ronaldo, who therefore played his first match on Saudi soil.

Afterwards, Messi and Cristiano also sent each other beautiful messages. The Portuguese was the first to react, writing that he was happy to be back on the pitch before adding “And nice to see some old friends!”.

He of course spoke of his former teammates Keylor Navas and Sergio Ramos, but also of Lionel Messi.

He also published a photo of the two of them on the ground arm in arm chatting.

An hour later, Messi shared a video to his Instagram story. We see the Argentinian and the Portuguese greet each other very warmly. Beautiful marks of respect from the two legends.