Manchester United coach Erik Ten Hag let loose on his players after the heavy defeat suffered on the lawn of Liverpool (0-7) last Sunday in the Premier League.

England’s 211th derby turned into a real humiliation for Manchester United. The Reds Devils were indeed swept last Sunday on the lawn of Liverpool (0-7) on the occasion of the 26th day of the Premier League. A rout that puzzled the Mancunians coach, Erik ten Hag.

“You can lose a game but not in the way we lose in the second half. In the first half, we played very decent. We created the better chances and then made an organisational mistake. The second half was unprofessional. It can’t happen and we have to talk about it. I do think we played decent in the first half but the second half was not us. Not our standards. We didn’t play as a team.” he said at a press conference, according to the comments relayed by the club.

When he was questioned whether he was angry, the former Ajax coach, said “Yes.”

“Yes, definitely, and surprised. I have seen, the last weeks and months, a team that is really in a winning attitude. In the second half, we did not have a winning attitude at all.”

Very upset, the manager did not hold back when he found himself in the locker room with his players. He expressed his displeasure vehemently, to the point of making more than one tremble. Some even claim that Ten Hag had never been so angry since joining Manchester United.

“I said in the dressing room it’s not acceptable, their performance, it’s clear. But it’s only one game, though a big defeat, unacceptable, and especially for our fans, especially against Liverpool. We will bounce back. This team is strong enough to go, reset itself, and we will bounce back. I know my players, they are good characters, and they can bounce back and they will do.”