Former President of the Republic of Benin, Thomas Boni Yayi, is making headlines again after he was seen in a video playing with youngsters on a sandy football pitch.

While some are working hard to prevent political change in their country, former Beninese leader Yayi Boni, without a bodyguard, plays football with young people on a grassless pitch.

This behavior of the 70-year-old man who led the neighboring country of Togo from 2006 to 2016, has Internet users talking.

Known for her interventions on socio-political issues in Africa, Natalie Yamb finds there the opportunity to tease the Senegalese head of state, Macky Sall, suspected of wanting to extend his stay as the supreme magistracy of his country after two terms in office. power.

“There is life after power,” commented the Swiss-Cameroonian activist, mentioning the name of President Macky Sall.