Eight football players from the Jeunesse Sportive de Ouidah club in the Beninese championship were reportedly arrested by the police on Thursday, June 29, 2023 for claiming three to four months of unpaid salary.

According to local media, the footballers of the Jeunesse Sportive club of Ouidah are placed in custody on Thursday at the police station of the 5th arrondissement in Cotonou.

According to the newspaper L’expression, the players were at the headquarters of “société sportive” to have satisfaction with the situation.

As they voiced their displeasure with officials, the police stepped in for arrests. Subsequently, the Union of Professional Footballers of Benin (UNFPB) issued a press release to express its desolation at such acts.

“We regret that these players find themselves in such a precarious situation, deprived of food and the means to return home. To support these athletes, a delegation from the footballers’ union is currently in front of the police station,” read the press release.

“We call on the relevant authorities to take urgent action to help these players resolve their situation and ensure that all workers, including athletes, are paid on time,” the association added.