The lifeless body of a 44-year-old woman from Benin was allegedly found at the home of her companion, at Grande-Borne in Grigny (Essonne), France. The body discovered last weekend is said to have been meticulously concealed in a refrigerator.

According to Actu 17, on Thursday July 20, the woman was reported missing, but her son quickly suspected his mother’s companion. He had gone to the house to look for his mother and found her in a state of intoxication. Subsequently, he contacted the police to report the situation.

On Saturday morning, the police authorities decided to search the home of the individual in question. With the hope of finding clues or finding the missing person, officers searched the scene thoroughly. However, during this excavation, a macabre discovery was made.

The victim, a 44-year-old woman of Beninese nationality, was found dead inside the refrigerator of her companion, a 47-year-old Algerian man living in France.

The motives behind this horrific crime are still unclear, and the authorities are now working to put together all the elements to understand the events that led to this unthinkable tragedy. The police also revealed that the arrested had a weapon on him.

AfrikPage with Actu 17