The Republic of Ghana and the Republic of South Africa have officially signed a Visa Waiver Agreement. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration for Ghana and the South African High Commission jointly made the announcement on Friday.

The agreement, which is set to take effect from 1st November, 2023, allows holders of ordinary passports from both countries to enjoy visa-free travel privileges. Under this new arrangement, travelers will be able to transit through, depart from, and stay in either country for a cumulative period of up to ninety (90) days, “without recourse to work”.

This landmark decision is expected to greatly facilitate tourism, trade, and cultural exchange between the two nations, further strengthening the diplomatic ties that already exist. The Ghanaian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has urged all travelers to take note of this significant development.

The South African High Commission in Ghana also emphasized that the visa exemption allows ordinary passport holders to spend a total of ninety (90) days per year in South Africa. If travelers exhaust this allotted time within the twelve (12) month period, they will be required to apply for a visa to enter South Africa.

Both governments have expressed their commitment to making this visa waiver regime a success and look forward to the positive impact it will have on their citizens and the relationship between their countries. For further information and inquiries, travelers are encouraged to contact the South African High Commission.

This historic agreement marks a new chapter in the relations between Ghana and South Africa, opening doors for easier travel and fostering even closer ties between the two nations.