In an action-packed Wednesday evening, the Champions League 2023 continues to deliver exhilarating clashes, as eight matches are set to captivate football enthusiasts. Last night witnessed intense group-stage matches across Groups A to D, but the excitement is far from over with the marquee fixtures today.

Group F takes the spotlight as NewCastle, the current group leaders, face off against Dortmund, who find themselves at the bottom of the group. This clash promises to be a thrilling showdown, and it kicks off at 7 p.m. GMT. Simultaneously, PSG is set to lock horns with AC Milan, ensuring an electrifying evening for football fans.

Group H’s leading team, Barcelona FC, with an impressive record of 6 points from two matches, will square off against Shakhtior Donetsk, who stand at third place with just one victory and 3 points. Meanwhile, Antwerp, currently at the bottom of the group, will take on Porto, promising a fierce encounter.

In Group G, the frontrunners, Manchester City, will go up against Berner Sport Club Young Boys, hailing from the Swiss championship. The evening continues to bring the excitement as RB Leipzig and Crvena Zvezda engage in a battle of their own.

Here is the complete lineup of today’s Champions League 2023 matches:

– Feyenoord vs Lazio
– Barcelona vs Shakhtyor Donetsk
– Celtic vs Atletico Madrid
– PSG vs AC Milan
– NewCastle vs Dortmund
– Young Boys vs Manchester City
– RB Leipzig vs Crvena Zvezda
– Antwerp vs Porto

Get ready for a football spectacle as these elite teams clash, each vying for supremacy in the prestigious Champions League.