In a surprising twist, Tyson Fury narrowly won against Francis Ngannou in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this past Saturday, despite being knocked down in the third round. While one judge thought Ngannou won with a score of 95-94, two other judges disagreed, scoring it 96-93 and 95-94 in Fury’s favor. Ngannou’s fans from Africa and around the world, including celebrities, shared their thoughts on the match.

Fury’s WBC heavyweight title wasn’t on the line in this 10-round fight. Ngannou, who’s 37 years old and from Cameroon, was having his first professional boxing match since January 2022. On the other hand, Fury, with a record of 34-0-1 and 24 knockouts, is 35 years old and from Manchester, England. He was a heavy favorite with 14 to 1 odds to win.

The fight between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury, known as the “Battle of the Baddest,” was one of the most anticipated matches of the year. It took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and fans from all over the world gathered to watch this big showdown.

Right from the start, both fighters showed strong determination and impressive skills. But the most memorable moment came in the third round when Ngannou former Ultimate Fighting Champion at UFC, knocked down Fury with a powerful combination. The crowd held its breath, wondering if the champion would get back up. Showing the spirit of a true champion, Fury stood up and continued the fight.

After ten intense rounds, a decision was made. The fight ended with a split decision, showing how closely matched they were. One judge thought Ngannou won with a score of 95-94, but two other judges believed Fury was the winner with scores of 96-93 and 95-94 in his favor.

This decision led to many discussions among fans and experts. Some thought Ngannou should have won, while others believed Fury had dominated most of the rounds. The Cameroonian himself said he believes he was the winner and wouldn’t be granted victory if it comes down to the judges’ decision.

There are already rumors about a possible rematch or another big fight for Ngannou in the future. It’s interesting to note that several celebrities, including Cristiano Ronaldo, shared their opinions about the fight. Ronaldo, for example, believed Ngannou should have won, even though the referees saw it differently.