After the coup in Guinea, discussions between the ruling junta, political parties, religious leaders and civil society in the country have been held since Tuesday for the establishment of a transitional government.

The starting signal for this consultation was given on Tuesday. For four days, these different actors will therefore try to define the contours of the transition in order to try to reassure the international community in particular, which did not appreciate the coup de force of September 5.

“You know, we had the first coup that was done by the former president who went for a third term, it wasn’t legal, you know, so that’s what we got a military coup to stop the institutional constitutional coup. And I think the international community should help us, should help Guinea to have a good transition, “said Ousmane Kaba, leader of the Party of Democrats for Hope (PADES).

A good transition, with what role for the military? And over what period, these are in particular the questions on which the participants will have to provide answers.

“It’s about the possibility of having, you know, a discussion between all the civil society, the Guinean civil society and the political parties. You know, to give our opinion on this transition to move forward and manage the transition so that we can have a real government, and a real election acceptable to all the Guinean people. “, explained Sidya Touré, leader of the Union of Republican Forces party.

The discussions therefore focused on the major axes of the period to come.

“We talked about the duration of the transition, and then also the number of CNTs (national transition advisers). You know very well that they will be there, the Parliament, also the government. These are the three axes on which we have worked and I think this is what we need first before getting to the heart of the matter. “, said Mamadou Sylla, former leader of the opposition, president of the UDG.

The discussions, which began at the end of the morning at the People’s Palace, seat of the Parliament, took place behind closed doors, but several participants then indicated that the new master of the country, Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, had shown “unifying” and listening during this first meeting.

“The president of the CNRD who himself recognized that the entire Guinean political class, the entire intellectual class, even the military elite, had failed in this country. So, since we agree that we had all failed, let us take things in hand this time around by going to new bases, “said Siaka Barry, former sports minister and chairman of the MPDG.

It remains to be seen whether the party of the now ex-president will participate in this mass. Another gray area is the future of Alpha Condé. An exile of the former head of state is mentioned. Among its destinations is the Brazzaville trail, in the Republic of Congo.

Source: AfrikPage