It is under a fine rain that the host of Patrice TALON, the former president Yayi Boni, made his entrance at the Palais de la Marina this Wednesday, September 22, 2021, announces the presidency of the Republic of Benin in a press release consulted by our editorial staff.

“I am delighted to welcome you here. I was waiting for this moment like all our compatriots ”, declared Mr. Talon.

The two statesmen then withdrew into the courtroom. For nearly an hour, they chatted face to face.

At the end of the discussion, former President Thomas Boni YAYI after thanking President TALON for his welcome, his listening and his availability confides:

“We have no deep problem with President TALON and me. The main subject of our meeting today was the relaxation of the political atmosphere in Benin. In this context, we discussed fraternally around a few points that I submitted to President TALON for consideration. “

Thus, in the quest for this relaxation, Boni YAYI wished strong measures on the part of the tenant of the Marina, by using the institutional arsenal at his disposal, so that some of the Beninese citizens in delicacy with the law following the crises politicians regain their freedom and that those of their compatriots who have gone into exile can return to the fold.

However, recognizing the republican order, Boni YAYI specifies that he has made a request and that it is up to his predecessor to decide what to do with the grievances.

He also submitted to President Patrice TALON the wish to see him establish a framework for periodic consultation with the former Presidents of the Republic, a framework which could be extended to certain wise men from civil society in order to prevent any crisis likely to threaten the peace in Benin.

In the process, the former President suggested that it be initiated, the opening of a dialogue with the political class to discuss major political issues, prioritize dialogue and avoid the tension of each other.

“To all these grievances, President TALON listened to me at length and religiously,” President Boni YAYI testified to journalists.

In response to the statements of his predecessor, President TALON expresses his happiness to see him again in these places where he devoted 10 years of his life to the service of Benin.

Full report (in French) and official photos of the meeting to be read on the Benin presidency website at.