While the Togo Hawks get their very first point in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, Qatar 2022 and the Congolese collect their second point, the latter refused to appear in front of the press after the match on Saturday.

Congo made this decision following the referee’s cancellation of a penalty after he consulted his first assistant who was closer to the action.

It was in the Togolese penalty area, where Tchakeï Marouf had made a rescue while Barcola, the goalkeeper was out of the goal.

Guinean referee Touré Ahmed Sékou did not hesitate to offer a penalty for a hand ball.

Togolese immediately challenged the referee’s decision, showing that it was with the chest that Marouf returned the ball.

Indeed, the traces of the ball were visible on his jersey.

Finally, after consulting his assistant, the Guinean canceled the penalty awarded initially to the Red Devils in the 84th minute of the game. In the process, they benefited from a corner which also gave nothing.

In contrast, Paul Put’s men showed their displeasure by choosing to skip the press after the final whistle.

Expected by the media for the post-match press conference, neither their coach nor a member of his staff showed up.

Source: AfrikPage