The anger of the Congolese who finished Saturday’s match against Togo with 1:1, was not limited to the boycott of the press, the Red Devils are also said to have caused scandals at the Kegue Stadium in Lomé.

According to the latest information abtained by AfrikPage, the Congolese also carried out material destruction at the end of the match.

Paul Put’s men were unhappy after the referee’s cancellation of a penalty following checks which showed he had mistakenly given them this chance.

“Too bad the Red Devils spoiled such a great match with these end-of-game events… Broken windows and locker room doors smashed in at Kegue stadium in Lomé by the players. That’s not nice … ”said the Togolese team’s press secretary Steven Lavon.

The latter therefore invites their opponents to fair play during the return match which will take place on Tuesday at the Alphonse Massamba-Débat stadium in the Republic of Congo.

Source: AfrikPage