In Libya, dozens of migrants from African Nations demonstrated on Saturday, outside the headquarters of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

In Tripoli, the capital, demonstrators denounced the treatment inflicted by the Libyan authorities and demanded their deportation to a place of safety.

This rally was organized the day after the murder of 6 people by guards at the Al-Mabani detention center. “Of course we came here to immigrate, we registered with the commission (UNHCR).

We lived in Gargaresh (town 12 kilometers west of Tripoli). We were beaten and taken to jail, and as you can see, now we are all here; some of us got out of jail yesterday. we have women and children here, and also sick and injured, we are all in pain, and the reason why we are here is that we demand immediate deportation to a safe place. ” said Omar Idris, migrant from Sudan.

On Saturday, the Libyan interior ministry denied any excessive use of force as nearly 2,000 migrants and asylum seekers escaped a detention center in Tripoli.

“I’ve been in Libya for two years, here in Tripoli, and now we’ve been here for ten days without water, food and nothing. Why don’t they want to let us in (in the UNHCR office) ? Only the Syrians, Ethiopians, and Eritreans come in, and they didn’t let us in and didn’t give us any help or anything; we have nothing. ” explained Musa Khamis, Migrants from Darfur, Sudan.

The International Organization for Migration urged Tripoli to resume flights immediately to allow migrants to leave.

According to the IOM, some “10,000 people are trapped in difficult conditions in official detention centers”.

Source: AfrikPage