Ayishatu Zakaria Ali, sports journalist at Happy 98.9FM, participates in the Young Reporters Program of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) in Switzerland. She is the only Ghanaian participating in this year’s edition.

During the event, which kicked off on November 20 for seven days, young reporters will receive timeless lectures from world-renowned mentors including Riccardo Romani, Martin Mazur, Keir Radnedge and Andrea Giannini.

Among other things, trips to certain federations and sports institutions in and around Lausanne have been scheduled by the organizers of this event. Participants also visited the FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ayishatu visited the FIFA Museum on Tuesday, where she discovered some Ghana national team kits.

AIPS is the only recognized international body representing sports media, with 161 members from national associations including Ghana and over 9,500 active members worldwide.

Founded in 1924 in Paris, AIPS has so far organized 28 young reporter programs, with more than 200 young reporters from over 80 nations on 5 continents.

Source: AfrikPage

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