A serious miscarriage of justice in the United States. An African-American man in his sixties has been exonerated by the courts and released. He had spent almost two-thirds of his life in prison.

After forty-three years in prison the 62 year-old man has finally been released by a Missouri court.

According to the judge, there was no material evidence linking Kevin Strickland, to the crime, a murder of three people committed in 1979.

In fact, he was convicted solely on the basis of testimony, some of which have since disqualified him.

Kevin Strickland at an evidentiary hearing on Nov. 8 in Kansas City, Mo. (Tammy Ljungblad/Kansas City Star/AP

Kevin Strickland had always claimed his innocence: he was finally heard.

The Jackson County prosecutor, who had asked for the conviction to be overturned, praised the decision, pointing to a “tragic miscarriage of justice.”

No compensation

According to reports, many of those who have regained freedom after spending years in prison in the US, have very often not even been compensated.

An association has started to raise money to help Kevin Strickland settle into his new life. A life he began by visiting the grave of his mother, who died last August.

Source: News Agencies