At the end of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday January 19, 2022, Burkinabè government spokesperson Alkassoum Maiga confirmed the suspension of mobile internet and social network Facebook, saying the government is under no obligation to “justify or explain” the decision.

According to the government of the neighboring country of Ghana, this decision was taken for “security” reasons.

“When for reasons of security and other concerns of national interest, the government is entitled to operate regulations. ”(…) “I do not know if you want us to justify ourselves or to explain. Put everything you see in the register of the higher interest of the nation and do not necessarily expect the government to be obliged to justify or explain itself, “said Alkassoum Maiga.

“We all see the situation we are currently experiencing in our country. I think that if we have the choice between letting insecurity spread and taking measures that allow us to maintain a minimum of control over the situation, you and me, the choice seems clear to us that the national interest must be at the above our particular interests, ”insisted the government spokesperson.

Indeed, for about two weeks, the Burkinabe have been deprived of a mobile internet connection. This time, the suspension has been extended to social media, especially Facebook.

Source: AfrikPage