Samuel Eto’o, President of Cameroonian Football Federation responds to criticism over COVID-19 protocol which was changed the day before the Cameroon-Comoros match, and prevented the Comorians from fielding their professional goalkeeper.

The host country of the 2021 African Cup of Nations, Cameroon has been at the heart of the controversy since the goalkeeper affair, before the round of 16 against the Comoros.

Comoros defender Chaker Alhadhur became goalkeeper during match against Cameroon (January 24, 2022)

“I would like to remind all your colleagues who are embarking on impossible explanations, that the agency chosen to carry out the tests is not under the control of Cameroon, it is 100% under the control of CAF. I think the rules of the game were known by everyone before the start of the competition. I really, humbly wish that my country be respected. Tunisia had seven players test positive against Nigeria. I don’t think Tunisia was playing against Cameroon,” said the former Barcelona player.

“Morocco, during its first meeting, was penalized, but did not play against Cameroon. It is not fair play to insinuate things, to accuse the Cameroonian government, to accuse me. I tried to be a great champion, but I was because I deserved all my victories. I have never accepted cheating and I never will. I hope it’s clear to everyone and that the false debates that we want to put on the back of the state and the Cameroonian federation will stop, “he hammered in an interview with Canal +.

Source: AfrikPage