With the recent adventures of the Guinean singer Grand P, many believe and continue to share on social networks this fake picture of the artist and football star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Here’s everything you need to know about the original image.

According to the information we gathered, the original picture was taken on Tuesday February 08, 2022 following a match between Burnley and Manchester United.

The details revealed by the club, suggest that the name of the young football fan who took those pictures with Cristiano Ronaldo is River Rhodes .

He is currently receiving radiotherapy treatment, and, in the words of his proud father Ryan, he is “making every day positive”.

“While the family support Wolverhampton Wanderers, River simply loves all football and was at Turf Moor this week to watch our 1-1 draw in the Premier League.” Manchester United stated on February 9.

River’s father Ryan admits the family shed tears of joy when Cristiano Ronaldo shared his photo on social media. The Portuguese striker, who has four children of his own and twins on the way, also wrote this poignant caption.

“Children are and will always be the best thing the world has to offer, and we must protect them at all costs. Supporters are and will always be the best in football, and we must respect everything they face and endure for their clubs.”

Grand P is however not against this editing. Reacting to the image at the comment section of someone who posted it on Facebook, he said, he wishes it becomes a reality by saying “Insha Allah”.

Source: AfrikPage