The African Union and the countries representing the continent at the United Nations Security Council, namely Kenya, Ghana and Gabon, are finally denouncing the racism African citizens stranded at the borders of Ukraine-Poland experience as they try to flee the war.

Videos showing black people being harassed by security guards who try to prevent them from joining trains or buses at the borders of Ukraine are increasing.

The AU says it is “particularly concerned” about Africans who are reportedly being “denied the right to cross the border out of Ukraine”.

Macky Sall, President of Senegal and of the AU, as well as Moussa Faki, President of the Commission, recall together that “everyone has the right to cross borders during a conflict and should benefit from the same rights regardless of their nationality or their racial identity.

In Some other videos published by some Nigerian students, the the border guards at a Polish border can be seen threatening to shoot a group of Nigerians who wanted to enter the country. Finally, they ended being allowed to enter Poland after they kept chanting “We are students”.

Meanwhile the Polish authorities keep denying this unfortunate situation, the topic has been subject of discussion at the UN Security Council on Monday.

The African countries present at the meeting yesterday, namely Kenya , Ghana and Ghana denounced these behaviors and called on their UN organ to take action.

Source: AfrikPage