In response to a proposal submitted by its President Gianni Infantino, on the sidelines of the activities of the 72nd FIFA Congress, held face-to-face at the Doha Exhibition Center in Qatar, the FIFA General Assembly on Thursday approved the adoption of a new official language for FIFA.

Arabic has become the fifth official language adopted by FIFA after English, French, Spanish and German.

It should be noted that the FIFA President who took the reins of FIFA in 2016, before being re-elected, in 2019, as the only candidate, will apply for a third and final mandate of 4 years during the Elective Congress scheduled for early 2023.

The 22nd edition of the World Cup, which will take place from November 21 to December 18, 2022, with the participation of 32 nations, will take place for the first time in an Arab country, Qatar.

FIFA will conduct the draw on April 1 at the Doha Exhibition Center in Qatar, in order to definitively launch the 22nd edition of the famous intercontinental competition.

Source: AfrikPage