Following the 11th congress held this Saturday, May 28, 2022 in Lomé, journalist Noël Tadegnon was elected president of the Togolese Volleyball Federation (FTVB) for a two-year term.

The former volleyball player is in command of an office of 8 members, 4 of whom are from the previous administration.

Finally the only candidate in the running, Tadegnon was elected with 16 votes out of 19 voters. At first, he was in a race with the outgoing president, N’Dadiya Essossaneyou.

The latter “voluntarily withdrew” following a “consensus” according to the Minutes of a meeting held on May 25 at the Ministry of Sports and Recreation between the actors of Volleyball.

In the name of this agreement, the list presented by Noël Tadegnon was therefore not adopted in full. The positions of 1st vice-president, 2nd vice-president, general secretary and general treasurer are occupied by members of the outgoing office.

Composition of the new office of the FTVB:

President: Noel Tadegnon
1st Vice President: Jojo d’ALMEIDA
2nd Vice President: ABETE Bawubadi

3rd Vice President: Yvette KLUSSEY
Secretary General: AFANGBEDJI K. Affoh Deputy Secretary General: Désiré KOUETE
General Treasurer: DATEVI Dédé
Deputy General Treasurer: DEH Akouvi

Source: AfrikPage