The Paraguayan club Olimpia will have to pay a little more than 500,000 dollars to its former player, Emmanuel Adebayor. The decision was made by world football’s governing body, FIFA.

Indeed, a financial dispute opposed the Togolese to this club.

Adebayor had left the team in 2020 less than five months after joining due to complications from the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the closure of air borders in Togo, he found himself stranded there.

The former player of Arsenal had stayed at his home in Lomé in the beginning of the pandemic. Suddenly the Paraguayans terminated his contract.

The star subsequently filed a complaint against this First Division club in Paraguay.

This week, FIFA has ruled in favor of Diego Polenta and Adebayor. Therefore, Olimpia is obligated to pay Adebayor $510,000 plus 12% interest.