The Senegal women’s team will play in the play-offs for the 2023 World Cup, after wining their game against Tunisia (0-0, 4-2 on penalties), on Sunday July 17 in Casablanca, in a WAFCON 2022 classification match.

This time, the Senegalese did not crack on penalties, unlike what had happened to them in the quarter-finals of the WAFCON 2022 Women, against Zambia.

Although striker Hapsatou Diallo saw her attempt repelled by opposing goalkeeper Nisren Zenzi (entered into play on purpose), the Lionesses were the best this time in this exercise, the Tunisians failing by Mariem Houij and Ghada Ayadi.

Between Senegal and Tunisia, which was also the second participation in WAFCON, it will therefore be the West Africans who will play an international draft tournament for the 2023 World Cup, scheduled for February in New Zealand.

Source: AfrikPage