The former captain of the Sparrowhawks of Togo, Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor met, yesterday Thursday, the 1st student of Togo’s 2022 Senior High School examination (BAC A4 series). This was an opportunity for the young Godwin Sodji, to receive à good news from the football star.

Godwin Sodji, first from Togo in the A4 series (General Arts), passed his precious examination with an average of 17.83 (89.15%).

On Thursday, the young student was with the Africa’s Ballon D’or 2008 winner.

After the congratulations, Emmanuel Sheyi granted him a scholarship so that he could pursue his dream and live his passion for law and political science.

“I shared a nice moment with the young Godwin Sodji, the 1st from Togo in the BAC A4 series of this year 2022 with an average of 17.83. My congratulations to him and all his family.” Adebayor wrote.

“My SEA Foundation granted a scholarship of excellence to this brilliant student, to pursue his dream and live his passion for law and political science at the African Institute of Sciences, Technologies and Trades (IASTM) in Lomé and African University of Technical and Medical Social Sciences (UASTM) in Niamey, two establishments that I sponsor to promote education and entrepreneurship among young people in Africa,” the former Arsenal striker posted on his Facebook page.

This generous gesture by Sheyi Adebayor is once again widely appreciated by Internet users across the world.

Source: Afrikpage