A lawyer from Oman has made an offer of 1 million dollars to buy the traditional Arab outfit that Lionel Messi wore during the trophy presentation at the 2022 World Cup.

An Oman lawyer and member of parliament, Ahmed al-Barwani, has made an offer of one million dollars to acquire the bisht, the traditional dress worn in the Arab world.

“My friend Messi. From the Sultanate of Oman, I congratulate you on winning the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Prince Tamim Bin Hamad impressed me by wearing you the Arabic Bisht, a symbol of magnanimity and wisdom. Messi I am offering you a million dollars so to give me that bisht, ” the lawyer stated.

According to reports, since the Emir of Qatar placed the traditional Arab black and gold coat on the shoulders of the brand new Argentine world champion, this traditional garment, a mark of honor and appreciation, has seen its sales explode in Qatar.

Source: AfrikPage