In this period of end-of-year celebrations, there are still plenty of Internet users who fall victim to the scams of criminals presenting themselves as celebrities in Africa, especially like the Togolese football star, Emmanuel Adebayor or Cameroon’s Samuel Eto’o.

These are individuals who invite their victims from Facebook or Instagram accounts named Emmanuel Adebayor with descriptions such as: “I am the Togolese international Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor, contact me for financial aid or financing of your projects”.

In our last investigation this week, the scammer suggested that we continue the discussion on WhatsApp. The first number supposed to be that of the star in question asks to better understand your situation before putting you in contact with his so-called “private manager”.

“In relation to my help, I am making a commitment to help you with a check for €2,500. I will put you in contact with my private managers who will release the check to you,” he says.

These scammers have ways to make you believe that they are really at the office of the celebrity they claim to represent. They give the victim a registration number which he must present to the “private manager”. The person may even ask for a moment to verify the code and then come back to ask you to send your identity documents for the rest of the procedure.

“So you take the WhatsApp of my private managers: +228xxxxxx and you will tell him that it is concerning the release of the check. He will ask you for my registration number, you answer him GTD2512 and the release costs will be at your expense”, he adds.

After the transfer of the amount they require, you will have no check as promised. They will end up blocking you in all your contact links.

How to identify these scammers using football stars names ?

On social media such as Facebook Instagram or sometimes twitter, accounts that operate on behalf of entities or famous people have the chance to identify themselves with verification signs (the blue tick in front of their usernames).

It should also be noted that Emmanuel Adebayor or a football star who is supposed to provide you with financial support for your projects, does not need to send you an invitation on social media.

One of the obvious situations that most victims ignore is that a celebrity who is supposed to help you financially shouldn’t receive money from you before doing so.

Source: AfrikPage