9 days after the earthquake in Turkey, the Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu is still not located following this disaster which claimed the lives of more than 20,000 people. This Tuesday, new information from Turkey indicates that the rescue team finally discovered Christian Atsu’s room under the wreckage and found his personal belongings.

This follows earlier reports suggesting shoes belonging to the football players have been found.

“I am at the quake site in Hatay with Christian’s family. The scenes are unimaginable and our hearts are broken for all the people affected. During my time here we have been able to locate Christian Atsu’s exact room location, and we have found two pairs of his shoes ,” said Nana Sechere, one of the members of the Ghanaian delegation there.

According to him, Turkish authorities confirmed yesterday that thermal imaging showed up to “5 lives”.

“However, I am told that the only real confirmation of life is through sight, smell and sound, and unfortunately we were not able locate Christian.” Nana added.

According to the latest information, miners from Turkish Hard Coal Enterprise are currently at the site and are still working around the clock to find and rescue the 31-year-old man.