The Senegalese football star, Sadio Mane who was suspended by Bayern Munich until further notice for punching his teammate Leroy Sané, will return to the team very soon.

Mane will return to the Munich squad next week for the Champions League clash against Manchester City.

Known for his calm and his humility, Sadio Mane lost his nerves last Tuesday. The former Liverpool striker hit his teammate Leroy Sane in the face, injuring his lips, after Bayern Munich’s defeat against Manchester City (0-3), in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

“Sadio has already reacted and apologized,” the coach Tuchel said. “He will train with us as normal tomorrow and be in the squad against Manchester City on Wednesday.”

An important return for the Bavarians, who have not been in their best shape since the arrival of Thomas Tuchel. The Munich players will however have to surpass themselves this Wednesday in the Champions League against Skyblues.