The football match between AS Sonabel and the club of ASECK (2-0) last Saturday caused a stir in Burkina Faso. The game was reportedly played between 10 against 10 on the advice of a spiritualist.

The Issoufou Joseph Conombo municipal stadium in Ouagadougou witnessed a strange match last weekend between AS Sonabel and the club ASECK de Koudougou (2-0). Although the referee did not issue any expulsions, but the match was played with one player less on each side.

According to local media, on the sidelines of the meeting, a marabout had informed the two teams that the one of them who will field eleven players will lose the match. For fear of superstitions, neither team wanted to take any risks: one player from each team therefore left quickly after kick-off.

This situation, which can be challenged, especially in other continents where occult beliefs are much less widespread, does not, however, violate the rules.

Nevertheless, the National Electricity Company of Burkina (Sonabel) asked for explanations from the technical management of the team for this atypical match, reveals the Ablam Gnamesso college.

As the end of the Burkinabè Ligue 1 championship approaches, AS Sonabel who won the controversial match is currently in 13th position with 28 points. Meanwhile their Saturday opponents, ASECK is ranked 10th with 32 points.

As a reminder, only the winner of the championship will be able to take part in the CAF Champions League for the 2023-2024 season.